Known by his peers for his honesty and positive attitude and by his clients for his professionalism and outstanding customer service.

Karrif Gardner born and raised in Fort Lauderdale Florida with a back ground in marketing, finance and direct sales has represented himself as a top tier professional in several major companies with the highest in volume annually as well as the highest in rating customer service. Years of tax preparation experience as well as a IRS Accredited preparer Karrif Gardner specializes in self-employment, small business tax and individual income taxation.


It starts with the heart yet relies on the mind is his motto for striving for greatness.

Years of tax preparation experience Lawrence Lindo specializes in and individual income tax and self-employment taxation. Loved and respected by his coequals due to his level of integrity and knack for influencing positivity to those around him.

His clientele has grown fond of his exceptional customer service, along with his professionalism in the industry. From the Caribbean, Born and raised in Jamaica. No stranger to hard work Lawrence Lindo has represented himself within major companies at majestic levels of customer service.

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